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The most productive R-type flat die pellet mill in the market

It is known that ZLSP 400 R-type pellet machine adopts a speed reducer structure, and it has low noise, long service life, large overall strength, reasonable structure, and large carrying capacity compared to the bevel gear structure pellet machine and can run in both directions. With it’s high reliability, ZLSP 400 R-type pellet mill is suitable for continuous operations, such as continuous production lines, industrial production. Compared with the D-type pellet machine, the R-type pellet machine is more conducive in pressing of the material and the movement of the material, and the stirring of the material is promoted. The large-diameter press roller shaft can withstand the reaction force of difficult-to-shape materials such as hardwood. The lower forming speed reduces the sensitivity to the material, better adaptability to different materials. GEMCO R-type pellet mill has good forming effect, high hardness, density greater than 1.1*103kg/m3, good durability (PDI), glossy appearance, able to meet the requirements of storage and transportation. GEMCO pellet mill box body using carbon structural steel, tensile strength (350-500MPa) is more than twice the casting (160-220MPa), more suitable for granulation of hardwood raw materials such as beech wood, bamboo shavings and other raw materials. 

Market of ZLSP 400 R-type pellet machine

  • For users who want a flat die pellet machine with a relatively large output requirement.
  • For users who use more difficult to form raw materials, but have a certain amount of output.This section is economical and practical, the price of pellet machine is affordable and reasonable for people.
  • The ZLSP 400 R-Type flat die pellet machine breaks the curse of a flat die pellet machine within a production capacity of 1 ton and increases the output to 1100 kg/h. In terms of workmanship and quality, this model also maintains the excellent tradition of GEMCO pellet mills. Using high-quality materials, and meets international ISO9001 and EU CE standards.
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