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Pickup Round Baler

About pickup round balers

Pickup round balers are mainly used for picking up bales of grass, alfalfa, wheat straw, rice straw, etc. There are two models of pickup round balers, RXYK0850 and RXYK0870.
small pickup round baler


  • Bales are light enough to carry by hand.
  • We produces the mini round baler since 2009, exporting over 20,000 units all over the world.
  • We promise two years warranty for parts broken.
  • Bale hay with your compact tractor.
  • Small size and light weight allow it  suitable for compact tractor even 15hp.
small round baler
small round baler


  • CE approved.
  • Twine auto binding system.
  • Hydraulic ejection system.
  • Bale density adjustable.
  • Simple mechanism,low maintenance.
  • The gearbox output is protected by shear bolt.
  • Hydraulic lifting system for easy ridge crossing.
  • Light and round straw bales convenient for transportation.
Bale size: dia.*width φ50×70cm φ61×70cm
Dimension (L*W*H) 115*130*120cm 130*130*135cm
Weight 390kg 440kg
Pickup width 80cm 80cm
Efficiency 3-5km/hour 3-5km/hour
Capacity (bales per hour) 80-120 bales/hour 80-100 bales/hour
Tire size 16x6.5-8-4PR 16x6.5-8-4PR
PTO 540 rpm 540 rpm

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