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What are the misunderstandings of biomass pellet fuel?

What is the raw material for biomass pellets? Some people may have these questions. The raw material for biomass pellets is mainly from crops, so some people ask questions: is it not a waste to use but precious food to make biomass fuel? This is just a misunderstanding of biomass fuels. We will answer these questions for everyone and let everyone eliminate the misconceptions about biomass pellets.
biomass pellet machine and biomass

Misunderstandings of biomass fuel

  • Misunderstanding of biomass fuel energy elimination and food disputes.The production of raw materials for biomass energy can utilize wasteland, slope land, and improved saline-alkali land that are not suitable for planting crops, and can also use recreational land, and can completely avoid competing with production grain.
  • Misunderstanding of biomass fuel energy elimination and people's struggle for food. Sweet sorghum, sweet potatoes, tapioca, straw, sugar cane can be used as raw materials for the production of fuel ethanol. All kinds of waste oil and rapeseed can be used to produce biodiesel. Therefore, it cannot be misunderstood as biomass energy is to change the granary into a fuel tank. Instead, biomass energy will act as a food safety balancer. As for producing biomass pellet, all we need is agricultural wastes like sawdust, leaves, straws that are useless in the filed or the wood processing industry.
pellet making material
  • Elimination of technical misconceptions. Biofermentation technology is the smallest gap between China's biotechnology and foreign countries. The technology of fuel ethanol has reached the international advanced level. Biodiesel technology has also entered the stage of R&D industrialization. Biogas technology has been applied for many years and has achieved great results. The comprehensive utilization of technology has also made major breakthroughs. Improvements in biomass technology can reduce costs and are safer than coal, a very large energy source.Nowadays, there are all kinds of biomass pellet machine in the market, large pellet plant for factory use, small pellet machine for home use. Biomass pellet machine manufacturer are everywhere, the technology of biomass pellet machine has reached a certain degree.
  • Biomass fuel energy eliminates the high cost of production errors. The biomass energy technology is further improved and it is expected to become one of the lowest-cost energy sources, and it is much safer than nuclear energy and coal. According to preliminary calculations, the total investment of the Three Gorges Project will be approximately 180 billion yuan. After the completion of 2009, the annual power generation will be 86 billion kw/h, equivalent to a single energy equivalent of Daqing, while the equivalent of the development of biomass energy will be less than 50% of the investment.
The environment-friendly type of biomass fuel is obvious to all, and it is also the reason why consumers become environmentally friendly materials. Biomass fuel includes straw, cottonwood, rice husk, sawdust, and other agricultural and forestry waste raw materials. Although tar, hydrogen sulfide, and nitrogen oxides are also produced, modern technology has become relatively mature. As for the material fuel particle energy, the emission of its harmful substances is obviously less than the national standard.
recycle of biomass
In summary, the biomass energy is a environmental protection, low cost and high efficient fuel. You can process biomass pellet at home through our small D-type or R-type pellet machine, small pellet plant and other supporting machines. According to it’s application, we can divide it into wood pellet machine, sawdust pellet machine, corn stalk pellet machine, rice husk pellet machine, hay pellet machine, bamboo pellet machine, EFB pellet machine and so on. If you need any of them, do not hesitate to contact us, we have a service team serve you 24h/d and 7d/w. 
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