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Pickup Square Baler

Square Baler Machines

Introduction of Pickup Square Baler

The square hay baler is designed for picking up and packing hay, crop straw and stalk into square bales.

Working Principle of Pickup Square Baler:

It can lay out in the field of automatic pick up grass, by transmission, compression molding, knot tied. It can bulk forage grass tied into neat appearance rules of rectangular bale.This machine needs a more than 35 HP wheeled tractor, One tractor driver can operation the whole process, it suitable for in all kinds of natural pasture, planting pasture, farmland homework, also suitable for fixed position of baling operations.Large Square Baler Working

Advantages of Pickup Square Baler:

  1. Offset design to compact tractors from 25-50hp.
  2. Widely used in hay, wheat, rice, corn, soybean, alfalfa and ect.
  3. Larger working width lower lost.
  4. Height efficiency than round baler , since strapping and eiecting bales while the tractors walking.
  5. Easier transport on road, and turn around in field at corner.
  6. possibly less leaf loss due to not having a direction change(jog)especially in dryer than desired conditions.


Specifications of SQUARE BALER (INLINE)

Model 9YFQ-1.9
Cross section 36x46cm
Bale length 30-120cm adjustable
Pickup width 190cm
Knotting time 0.7s
Plunger frequency 70-110/m
PTO speed 540RPM
Working speed 4-7km/h
Tractor required Over 40HP
size 400x249x180cm
Structural weight 1700kgs


Specifications of SQUARE BALER (Off Set)

Model RXFK2060 RXFK5070
Cross section 32x42cm 36x46cm
Bale length 30-100cm adjustable 30-120cm adjustable
Pickup width 144cm 190cm/ (160cm)
Knotting time 0.7s 0.7s
Plunger frequency 70-100 70-110/m
PTO speed 540RPM 540RPM
Working speed 4-7km/h 4-7km/h
Tractor required Over 30HP Over 40HP
Overall size 410x215x130cm 400x249x180cm
Structural weight 1030kgs 1700kgs
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