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How to solve the high temperature problem of pellet machine in summer?

It is now just in the middle of summer, even the wind blowing on the face makes people feel hot and unbearable. For those who use wheat straw pellet machine.

what problems should they pay attention to?

First of all, let’s talk about the small single pellet mill produces finished products, which means, straw pellet, wood pellet, biomass pellet. Because pellet has the characteristic of low ignition point, so pellet must be kept away from the fire source and placed in a cool and dry place. It is best to avoid direct sunlight. Check the temperature of the single pellet machine or pellet plant before starting the equipment. If it is found that the temperature is too high, it is best to stop and let it have a rest, and then start the production work after the machine is becoming cool, so as to avoid the situation that the temperature of the engine of the straw feed pellet machine equipment is too high and the equipment is locked.

pellet mill in high temperature

Secondly, summer is the season that harvest wheat. The raw material will be plenty enough. For those straws that have just been harvested, the moisture content of the comminuted straws should be well mastered, so as to avoid production problems because of the problem of straw moisture.

Finally, in summer, the temperature of the pellet machine is extremely high, therefore, it is best to stop pellet machine at noon and wait until the afternoon to start production. The biomass pelletizer equipment must be shaded and maintained to avoid the production temperature of straw pellet mill equipment. Due to the high production accidents, the raw materials produced by the straw feed pellet machine must also be protected from fire.

Characteristics of biomass pellet mil

1. Our pellet machine has an outstanding performance and all the pellet that produced by our pellet machine have a smooth surface and uniform in size.

2. Environmental friendly. The biomass pellet machine can turn waste, such as straws, chips, waste papers and so on in to pellet, and pellet have a wild application, it can be seen for household cooking, warming, electric generation, industrial boiler and other areas.

3. The pellet mill adopts user-friendly design. With it’s small size and compact structure, we can move it easily, the workshop can be anywhere, after use, it doesn’t take much place to store the machine. They are all easy to operate.

4. We do not have any dealer in any country, the machine is directly provide by the factory, so the price is much lower and the quality is reliable.

5. During the delivery process, we will put a water-proof package outside the machine in case of wet or rain during the long period delivery days.

6. The key parts: including dies and rollers, are made of superior alloy, and our test shows that each side of our die can last for 200hours. The machine has a long service life.

7. The hole size on flat die ranges from 1.5 to 20mm. They apply to different raw materials. To achieve the best pelletizing effect, make sure the max-length of raw materials is less than die hole size, and keep the water content in raw materials between 10% and 18%.

pellet machine spare parts

We manufacture R-type small pellet mill, D-type small pellet mill and also complete pellet production line. You can order your own pellet machine if you send us your order. Our pellet mills are suitable for all kinds of biomass, if you need our brochure, do not hesitate to contact us. 

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