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Hammer Mill

What is hammer mill?

TFS series hammer mill is a new type biomass hammer mill, which is suitable for crushing of grain, crop, Chinese herbal medicine, straw, potato, seasoning, etc. GEMCO hammer mill is small scale and multi-purpose, it not only can crush corn, sorghum, rice, soybeans and other kinds of food, but also can crush soybeans, fresh sweet potatoes, fresh potatoes, pepper, Chinese herbal medicine and so on. Our hammer mill can be equipped with sieve with different specifications according to the needs of users, in order to process materials into variety parameters.

This biomass hammer mill can process wood, fresh sweet potatoes, corn, grain, plant hulls, corn, wheat, soybeans, and other biomass materials into powder with 3-5mm diameter, so that the material can be used to make pellets. GEMCO wood hammer mill can be divided into two types, hammer mill without cyclone or with cyclone, you can choose according to your needs.   

wood hammer mill without cyclone
hammer mill with cyclone for sale
Hammer mill
Hammer mill with cyclone

Advantages of GEMCO hammer mill

  • Automatic mechanical feeding: the operation is convenient and quick, and the production efficiency is high;
  • Smooth work: continuous grinding, balanced processing, safe and reliable;
  • Durable: steel structural components. The material is solid and reliable, use high-power self-aligning bearings, long service life;
  • Low cost: low power; excellent cutting tools, double blade, service life can up to 500 to 1000 hours, and can be repeated regrinding;
  • Easy to move: trailer type hammer mill can be produced according to customer requirements, to facilitate field production

Working principle of GEMCO hammer mill

The machine breaks the material into the crushing chamber through a high-speed hammer, under the influence of centrifugal force, the crushing powder is sent out through the sieve hole under the centrifugal pressure of the rotor and the suction of the fan。 The powder particles that are not through the sieve repeat the process until they can be sent out through the screen.

hammer mill structure and working principle

1. lower body 5. upper body
2. sevier 6. feeding port
3. rotor 7. discharging outlet
4. air fan 8. cyclone

Hammer mill specification

We have both electric motor hammer mill and diesele engien hammer mill for our customers to chhose. Generally, the electric motor is necessary, but if your working area is difficult to get electric power, you can choose our convenient diesel engine hammer mill. Following is their specification.

Electric motor hammer mill

electric motor hammer mill for sale
Model Output Capacity (kg/h) Power  Screen
mesh (standard)
Hammer Quantity Diamesion Weight(kg)
FSP158B 100-200 2.2 KW Single phase  4 16 750*450*730 75/85
FSP198B 200-400 3 KW 3 phase  4 16 1000*750*1120 120/135
FSP198B 240-400 4 KW 3 phase 4 16 1000*750*1120 120/135
FSP420B 800-1000 7.5 KW 3 phase 5 16 1200*1000*1220 250/270
FSP420B 800-1000 11 KW 3 phase 5 16 1200*1000*1220 300/320
FSP420A15 800-1000 15hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP420A22 800-1000 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 390/410
FSP500B-28 1000-1200 11 KW 3 phase 5 16 2200*1000*1020 470/500
FSP500B-28 1000-1200 15 KW 3 phase 5 16 2200*1000*1020 500/530
FSP500A-28 1000-1200 22hp 5 16 1650*800*1120 370/390
FSP500B-40 1200-1700 22 KW 3 phase 5 24 2200*1050*1020 710/755
FSP500B-40 1200-1700 30 KW 3 phase 5 24 2200*1100*1270 800/835
FSP500A-40 1200-1700 55hp 5 24 2250*1150*1270 995/1065
FSP500B-60 1700-2100 37 KW 3 phase 5 36 2300*1150*1350 1150/1230

Diesel engine hammer mill

diesel engine hammer mill for sale
Type Capacity (Hp) Output (kg/hr) Weight (kg) Package Size (mm)
TFS420 15 250-500 370/390 1650*800*1120
TFS420 22 250-700 390/410 1650*800*1120
TFS500 55 800-1100 Cyclone: 125/145
Hammer Mill: 310/330
Diesel Engine: 650/590

Why choose GEMCO hammer mill

At present, GEMCO has got a number of core patented technology in biomass granulation, in addition to household small biomass pellet machine and hammer mill, we also provide our customers with integrated pellet plant and various of spare parts like flat and die. What’s more, we also have the ability to provide customers with all-round three-dimensional services from design, manufacturing to installation, commissioning and training. Up to now, we have built several turnkey biomass pellet production lines by ourselves in Eastern Europe, South East Asia, South Asia, northern Europe, Western Europe, North America and South Africa. GEMCO hammer mill is your ideal choice to crush agricultural raw materials.

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