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An Australia client ordered a pellet machine during the new year vocation.

New year, new beginning!

During the vocation of Chinese New Year, a client from Australia ordered an electrical type of pellet machine.  Our relative staff arranged delivery as soon as we come back to work. With this good beginning, wish GEMCO a bumper year. The new year is the year of dog. The bark sound of dog in Chinese is “wangwang”, which means gaining riches and accumulate treasure.
Wish all our customers a happy new year and a lucky new year as the representative of Anyang GEMCO Energy Machinery Co, Ltd.,
The electric type flat die biomass pellet machine is our best sell biomass pellet machine. The machine is easy to operate with high yeild.
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Check the condition of the pellet machine

The complete bioamss pellet machine

Name plate of the biomass pellet machine

Install tools of biomass pellet machine

Water proof package of biomass pellet machine

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