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What we should pay attention to store a pellet machine?

The flat die biomass pellet machine helps us keep warm through the whole winter, and with the temperature rising recently, it is becoming more and more warm in the northern hemisphere. A lot of family is planing to store their biomass pellet machine for the next winter. Some of the factories or families will keep their pellet machines in use to produce pellet fuel for cooking or other uses. As for the biomass pellet machine in the condition of idle. if the idle pellet machine isn’t handled properly, it will lead to deadly damage. The machine cost us much money, we should treasure it.
Keep away from moisture

What should we pay attention to store a pellet machine?

  • First of all, keep away from moisture. Biomass pellet machine should kept in a cool and clean place away from moisture in case of short circuit of the motor and corrosion of the machine. Some of the pellet machine part is made of iron, which exposed in the air for long time will cause corrosion.
  • Second, cleaning the spare parts. Wood chips or other material left in die wholes will absorb water in the air which will accelerate the corrosion speed. Spare parts, especially pellet die, should pay more attention. Fill the die holes with oil material to reduce the corrosion speed.
  • Third, if the machine is kept longer than half year, the oil material should be replaced into new material. The oil material stored for long time will become solid and hard to remove, which will cause negative effect.
  • Forth, in case of aging of the machine, machines with rubber parts, such as rubber belt, take off the rubber parts and cover with wrap bags. Keep them in the place where is cool and dry, far away from the ground.
spare parts of pellet machine

Maintenance is also necessary during the daily use of the biomass pellet machine.

  1. Tidiness, refers to the tools neatly placed, safety protection device is complete, the line pipelines complete. The workplace and equipment are kept clean inside and outside, and there is no accumulation of dust and greasy dirt. Various working places and equipment are not leaked and so on.
  2. Lubrication, refers to the lubrication of spare parts, oil refueling and oil changing. For more detail read this passage.
  3. Safety, refers to the operation of workers to comply with operating procedures. All kinds of power equipment and main work machines have the provisions of the load operation, a variety of equipment has no missing parts, tied rope, strange smell, and abnormal vibration or swing phenomenon, all kinds of measuring instruments work properly. Regular inspection of various protective devices and power equipment.
In summary, the maintenance of biomass pellet machine is a positive precautionary measure. Enterprises should establish maintenance of machinery and equipment to provide the necessary material conditions and a good working environment. Believe that as long as we usually use the process, pay attention to wood pellet machine maintenance, wood pellet machine will be able to work smoothly and bring you benefits. In recent years, the biomass project is getting hotter and hotter. More and more people are inspecting the project, but some people do not pay attention to maintenance after they buy it, results in the intangible increase of costs, which is worth the loss. Maintenance is the key, Maintenance can make the machine longer life expectancy, and pellet quality will be better, so maintenance plays a decisive role.
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