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What should we do if the pellet machine is jammed?

As renewable energy is becoming more and more popular around the world, and the decrease of fossil fuel, biomass pellet is now a hot industry. Governments now pay more attention on renewable energy development. According to the data from EIA, 670000 tons of densified biomass fuel produced in October in the U.S. People are increasingly pursuing fuels that save energy and protect the environment. Biomass pellet fuel is an ideal fuel to replace coal and oil fuel. It not only saves energy, but also reduces emissions of fumes and dust.

Biomass pellet production

Biomass pellet fuel is a highly efficient, clean renewable energy. In many factories and enterprises, biomass pellet machines are selected to process biomass waste, such as sawdust, straw, rice husks and bark, as raw materials to produce biomass pellets. This can not only protect the environment but also saves a lot of costs.

However, biomass pellet machine often encounter some problems, such as zero output. At this time. The biomass pellet machine must be promptly shut down to check the reasons, so as to avoid equipment damage.Let GEMCO tell you the following solutions

Small biomass pellet plant

The feeding speed is too fast

Biomass pellet machines require uniform feed rates and the feed rate need to match the plant's rated capacity. Inconsistent feed rate or feed rate is too large will lead to blockage of feed port. If it is assured the the feed is too fast, first, stop feeding belt, stop material into the hopper. Be careful not to stop the biomass pellet machine, because once stopped biomass pellet machine, the hopper is full of material that may cause problems in opening the machine, so just stop the feeding belt machine. Then take the pellets, slowly add into the die holes to observe the situation of material output. Waiting for the die holes to be completely opened and then start to feed in material. Do remember to do it in a proper and uniform speed. If this method does not work, you can only shut down, remove the abrasive, cast holes. But be careful, do not let the machine move by itself, it will cause damage to the machine.

Biomass pellet machine has accumulate material

If the biomass pellet machine is not cleaned clearly after each use. Due to the high temperature in the pellet machine production process, with a larger amount of steam, the material left in the machine will become hard and solid and block the machine. Next time you start the production of biomass pellet machine will not be normal sunning. If you encounter this situation, clean the material in the biomass pellet machine after shutdown, after the internal accumulation of material cleared, and then start the normal production of the biomass pellet machine. Special attention should be paid: every time after the production of pellets, the machine must clean without materials in, so as to make sure that next time the machine can runs smoothly. Fill the die holes with oil material to ensure next time can produce fluently.

GEMCO pellet plant

Material contains too much water

The reason why biomass pellet machine can produce pellet is because at the beginning of the pellet production process, the roller and die after grinding by oil material, the temperature between the roller and die will rise, when the wet material began to enter the granulation chamber, due to the grinding between roller and die, makes the material squeeze and also drys the material. However, as the amount of feed increases, this small amount of moisture evaporation becomes insignificant, and as a result, there is a sawdust cake in the granulation chamber which blocks the die orifice and causes no feed. Since this shows that the material moisture content of nearly 20%. so a little drying is needed, you can use a small dryer to dry them to proper water content.

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