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What can a wood crusher do during pellet making process?

Product introduction

Wood crusher is also called wood cutting machine, wood chips machine or wood briquette crusher, which is the forestry processing equipment that process the wood raw materials (such as wood or branches) into wood chips or the sawdust. It is widely used in power generation, mechanism charcoal, new energy, agricultural, edible fungi and some other industry areas. 
Wood crusher main has three parts: the main body of machine, turbo-blower, powder collector. The main body of machine contains the cutting device (cutter) and crushing equipment. The wood and wood sawdust enter into the machine through the feeding port, then the sawdust can be directly output. The cutting device is driven by the motor, which make the crusher rotor high-speed operation. It make the machine produces high-speed airflow to impact, compress and cut the materials, which is to achieve unique crushing working. 
The fineness of sawdust can be adjusted by changing the sieve mesh. Our crushers cancel the traditional screening process, use the turbo-blower and powder collector which can realize line production from the feed to the dedusting and bagging. The performance of wood crusher has great promotion than other similar products, as simple structure, compact layout, price cheap, stable work, less energy consumption, high output, good quality and low processing cost.
Wood crusher

The working principle

  1. The main machine is comprised by three parts: the main body, the middle body, the bottom body. 
  2. The crushing blade contain coarse crushing blade, fine crushing blade and centrifugal blade.
  3. The assistant machine is comprised by turbo-blower, powder collector, dust collector.
  4. The main body has three types of blade, the cutting device is driven by the motor making the crusher rotor high-speed operation, make the machine produces high-speed airflow to impact, compress and cut the crushing materials, to achieve unique crushing working. 
  5. Under the cutting process of three kinds of blade, high speed airflow that made by the rotor rotates following the blade direction; the materials will be impacted, compressed and cut by the airflow acceleration, at the same time receiving three kinds of crushing effect, the crushed material with airflow enter into the analyzer to be analyzed; the material subjected the centripetal force and the centrifugal force at the same time, so when the centrifugal force is greater than the centripetal force, the fine particles with airflow enter into the powder collector to collect, and the coarse particles enter in centrifugal blade to repeat crushing, until reach to your satisfied size.
Wood crusher detail

Product advantages

  • The whole equipment is only with one motor drive, it has kinds of advantages, such as
  • simple structure, compact layout, price cheap, stable work, less energy consumption, high output capacity, finished products with good quality, low processing cost. In addition to the wood, the machine can also be used for bamboo, straw, corn stalks, sorghum stalk and some other fiber stem shape materials. 
  • The crushing machine contains: wood sawdust machine, wood chip machine, which can process pine, miscellaneous wood, Chinese fir, the original bamboo, because the machine structure is compact, cover the small area, shavings with good quality and low power consumption, and it is suitable for mobile operation, widely used in small and medium particleboard and fiberboard production enterprise, also can be used for self-employed to wood chip production.
  • The wood powder machine is one of hammer type crusher, it basically is to use the blade to cut and the airflow crash to crush the materials. This equipment is mainly composed of crushing, grading, pneumatic conveying, discharge and dust removal, it cancel the traditional screening process, use wind energy to finish crushing at a time. The machine performance have great ascension than other similar products.
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