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How to improve the output of sawdust pellet machine?

  The most important section of the sawdust pellet machine is the granulation section. The sawdust pellet machine is the most critical equipment in the entire pellet production line. Whether the equipment is working properly or whether the operation of the employees is appropriate will directly affect the quality and service life of the sawdust pellet machine. GEMCO has summed up many years of on-site management experience and theoretical knowledge, and summarized the following points in terms of how to correctly use the sawdust pellet machine:
  • The raw material must be powder, and the particle size of the powder should have a certain size: the general powder is less than 2/3 of the die hole diameter. To make 8mm pellets, the raw material size must be less than 6mm, which improves the production efficiency of sawdust fuel pellet machines and increases production.
  • Raw material moisture should be controlled at 15% to 18%. With uniform moisture, the molding rate is higher, the output is larger and the density is higher. The quality of product pellets and the level of output are closely related to the technology of the employees in the pellet factories. They are required to produce qualified pellets based on changes in ambient temperature and humidity around the pellet mill's shop, changes in raw material moisture content, size, equipment wear, and customer specific requirements. To produce high-quality pellets, the employees of the pellet plant must possess rich knowledge, rich experience, and strong sense of responsibility in order to be able to produce pellets with high quality and high prices.
pellet rawmaterial
  • Pay attention to the lubrication condition of the pellet machine. The operation of any equipment requires bearings. The bearings need to be operated under the condition of lubricating oil. Once the oil is lacking, the bearings will burn out immediately and the machine will stop running. Therefore, the lubrication of the sawdust pellet machine plays a crucial role in the production efficiency and output of the pellet machine.
  • Use of wearing spare parts. The die and the pressure roller are the wearing parts of the pellet machine, Increases the service life of the wearing parts means that the cost is saved and the profit is increased. The selection of raw materials should be rigorously selected by the customer to ensure the cleanliness of the raw materials as much as possible. Before the granulation, add the sieve equipment and strong magnetic blocks to reduce the damage to the mold and the pressure wheel caused by large pieces of wood and iron objects.

  In order for the sawdust pellet machine to be more productive and efficient, the failure rate should lower, which requires the pellet plant runner to carefully study the performance of the pelletizing equipment. Only in this way can the sawdust pellet machine generate pellets better.

Sawdust pellet machine

Features of GEMCO pellet machine

  • The whole pellet machine adopts high quality material. The electric component is famous brand SIEMENS.
  • The spare parts, which means roller and die, their service life are longer than usual roller and die. The flat die can be used both sides, which can length the service life.
  • The flat die pellet machine is small in size. It takes less space than the ring die pellet machine and do not need a large workshop.
  • Suitable to process a wide range of biomass raw material.
  • We also provide 24/7 service for our customer, we have a pre-sale and after-sale service team.

If you are interested in pellet machine, don’t hesitate to contact us, we will give you feedback in two days.

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